The comfort cake

So I bought Odette Williams’ cookbook called Simple Cake a few weeks ago. Just the word “simple” alone had me sold. I love finding simple recipes with surprisingly great results. That’s the good stuff right there! I feel the exact same way cooking three- to four-ingredient pasta recipes. It’s pared down but the resulting flavors […]

Anniversary date at Antonio’s Tagaytay

All I can think of is Marie Antoinette. To eat in a fancy place during this time feels inappropriate. I feel guilty. And to write in depth about it? Who am I Goop? Heart? Madam Imelda? It’s obnoxious. I am not unapologetic about my life choices (I wish I was), especially in the past few […]

Coffee shots one pandemic afternoon

It was probably in July this year (right in the middle of this new normal) when I first picked up my Nikon D40 (with kit lens) after, hmmm, 6 years? The last time I actually used this DSLR was on a summer trip in Calaguas. After that, I used my iPhone all throughout. I have […]

Food Memories: on blue crabs and Sunday lunches

I went to the wet market early this morning. It’s a stone’s throw away from our apartment. I always tell myself I should shop there more often. It’s just I feel anxious with the whole process of buying individual items, weighing them down by the grams, and, more often than not, not having any idea […]

Apple pie and new hobbies

I’ve gained two new hobbies this quarantine era: baking and photography. Or maybe three. I’ve also gained weight because of said hobbies. Apparently, baking has become the new yoga. People, or at least the people I see on Instagram, have all been mixing flour and cranking up their ovens to make the nth version of […]

On grief and some tomato soup

I was supposed to talk about tomato soup. A classic tomato soup I’ve been making a lot of these past few weeks. I got the recipe from Cup of Jo. It’s so easy and so creamy and so comforting, it’ll make you forget how wretched this year is. Lol. Of course not. Nothing will make […]


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