My kind of bread

This is one of the more successful bread recipes I’ve made. I usually botch every bread dough I attempt, either it becomes too shaggy or too wet, to a point where I’ve gotten used to just playing with a wet dough and convincing myself that “It’s all good” and that “It’s just bread!” Deep inside […]

The yellow cake

A couple of weeks ago I made this yellow cake. I saw it from Alison Roman’s second cookbook “Nothing Fancy” and was immediately drawn by its low-key ingredients and promising outcome. And although Alison Roman did oversell the cake a little bit, describing it as one of the best things she’s made, I was just […]

Tinolang isda: Papa’s favorite dish

When people in Manila hear the words “tinola,” they immediately associate it with chicken. Tinola is tinolang manok or chicken soup. However, in Surigao del Sur (or I assume in Southern Philippines), tinolá (with accent on the “la”) means fish soup more than chicken soup. We only make a distinction when it’s chicken and call […]