The comfort cake

So I bought Odette Williams’ cookbook called Simple Cake a few weeks ago. Just the word “simple” alone had me sold. I love finding simple recipes with surprisingly great results. That’s the good stuff right there! I feel the exact same way cooking three- to four-ingredient pasta recipes. It’s pared down but the resulting flavors […]

Anniversary date at Antonio’s Tagaytay

All I can think of is Marie Antoinette. To eat in a fancy place during this time feels inappropriate. I feel guilty. And to write in depth about it? Who am I Goop? Heart? Madam Imelda? It’s obnoxious. I am not unapologetic about my life choices (I wish I was), especially in the past few […]

Coffee shots one pandemic afternoon

It was probably in July this year (right in the middle of this new normal) when I first picked up my Nikon D40 (with kit lens) after, hmmm, 6 years? The last time I actually used this DSLR was on a summer trip in Calaguas. After that, I used my iPhone all throughout. I have […]